Official partner of Green City Freiburg

Climate policy:
Real CO2-reduction through car reduced mobility, cogeneration plants, sustainable city plan

The Freiburg ecological districts

Energy efficiency in buildings: Architecture and energy planning

Plus energy buildings

Landscape architecture, urban gardening

Renovation of existing buildings:
In social housing
For investors
Passive high-rise buildings
Enhancement of socially weak suburbs or districts

Combined heat and power generation, heat-register

Energy production in urban areas, buildings as power plants

Financing of energy production through citizens or public sectors

Solar Energy: High end technologies
Hydrogen filling station
Concentrator technologies
Energy production in rural areas
Wind energy in the Black forest

Solar cooling

Biogas production with garbage

Building groups

Civic participation

Multimodal Mobility

Energy planning on local and regional levels

"Freiburg joins hands": Co-design of public space by citizens

Mechanisms of civic participation in urban planning

Civic participation in energy refurbishment of social housing
(Passive high-rise, project "living relations") Social mixity

Co-design of city neighborhoods by construction groups:
Creation of social structures, identification with the neighborhood

Introduction to the following subjects:
Renewable energies, sustainable mobility and environmentally aware modes
of economy and consumption