Official partner of Green City Freiburg

is a book author ("Freiburg as a sustainable city") and journalist. She studied political sciences in Freiburg and Paris. In 2012 she founded Freiburg Future Lab. "Rethinking sustainability and economy is a chance to define new criteria for life quality and not only stare at the gross income."

has built up an association for environmental and urban development in Paris and organized trips from Paris to Freiburg for politicians. She lives in Freiburg since 2007, where she continues her work also with Freiburg Future Lab. Elsa Gheziel-Neumann studied communication sciences in Paris, acquired a master degree in social geography and worked on the financing of ecological districts. This is one of her main domains of competence, as well as social sustainability, energy policy and its social implications. "Many people imagine sustainable development being the return to candlelight and horse-drawn vehicles. What you see here though is a high quality of life, which is impressive."

has studied visual arts in France and later studied architecture in Hamburg. He has worked for the Building Department in Freiburg and later in an architectural firm, where he also worked for Vitra in Weil. Then he planned his own projects in a construction group and was responsible for the building supervision. He is also an artist and worked for the Professional Association of Artists. Main topics: energy-efficient construction, building groups, communication, design. "For me it is important to communicate that a sensible use of resources for building and living is important – and not so difficult."

Translator and specialized on the subjects of sustainable development. Alain Martín Paniego is an engaged inhabitant of Rieselfeld. When he came to Freiburg, he discovered a city full of avantgardistic initiatives and practices. This encouraged him to go deeper into the subject of sustainability, which he already was engaged in by an own project in Kenia. He is now a master student in renewable energies and energy efficiency. "I am happy when our visitors tell me they were inspired by what they saw and heard and want to make changes also at home. For many sustainable cities will some time make a world that uses its resources in a responsable way."

Teacher and dedicated citizen of Rieselfeld. She was born in Strasbourg, France, and was active in environmental organizations. In Freiburg she is active in the Urban Gardening movement. Since 2001 she lives in Rieselfeld. There she is on the board of the association for the community center "Glass House" and organizes the "Info Café" there. Her main topics are: neighborhood structure, social concepts, community development, citizen's engagement. "I think it is very important just to sensitize the youth to ecological subjects."

studied architecture and urbanism in Kassel and worked for the city of Marburg in the village development planning. He worked for the land use planning in Niger, West Africa, four years. Then he worked for the government committee of Freiburg in the department of the environment. His main competences: urban planning, architecture, energy. "I'm especially happy when I can show visitors something over which they have already long discussed – and find in Freiburg the realization of similar considerations."