Official partner of Green City Freiburg

The name is a program: Freiburg Future Lab will build a virtual mobile Lab for the time of your visit, a frame in which you can boost your projects. Freiburg Future Lab links you creativity to the experiments and the know-how of the Green City.

A team of experts offers training programs, visits and guided tours related to the subject of sustainable urban development and energy supply. We have an important network. Therefore we can offer services to our customers that go from the first getting in touch with sustainability topics to the solution of very specific consultant tasks.

Knowing our city and region well, we can also help to solve logistic problems – and give you advice concerning accomodation, meals or transports.


... have a project and want to see how it might look like when it is implemented.

... are already on your way by yourselves, but your customers or your institutions still
    have to be convinced.

... have a project, but still have some technical problems to solve.

... want to benefit from other experiences in order to take better own decisions.

... is a team of engineers, architects, planners and communication experts.

... knows about the local conditions in many countries from long experience and exchange
    with foreign visitors.

... is able to give input in different stages of your project and offer you the appropriate supports
    for the next steps.

... knows about the technical, financial and political backgrounds of the projects having been
    realized or still being realized in Freiburg.

We would like to open up new perspectives and help you to come nearer to the realization
of your projects.
There are a lot of things to do and so many things are possible!

20 ans de développement durable
Astrid Mayer
152 pages – 21 x 27 cm