Official partner of Green City Freiburg

is a book author ("Freiburg as a sustainable city") and journalist. She studied political sciences in Freiburg and Paris. In 2018 she founded Freiburg Future Lab. "Rethinking sustainability and economy is a chance to define new criteria for life quality and not only stare at the gross income."

is a political scientist and pyhsicist at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg. There he works on energy efficiency of buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings. In 1998, he built the first multi-family passive building in Europe "Wohnen und Arbeiten", together with other families. Together with the "Forum Vauban", he was active in the civic participation for the planning of the eco-district Vauban, and lives there. Jörg Dengler is also in the board of the district association of Vauban.

was born in Chile and studied geography in Santiago de Chile. She worked for the regional government of Tarapacá in the north of Chile as an expert for regional planning and development. She then worked at the Ministery for Energy, in the department for sustainable development, where she accompagnied the planning of four regions. She lives in Freiburg since 2017 and has been elected into the Migrant's Council of the City of Freiburg and is also in the board of the association Sahana Eliya, which supports social projects in India, Nepal and Mexiko. Dianela Arroyo-Fernández is a "Climate Mentor". "We citizens are able to really contribute to developing a more sustainable, more human and juster world."

works as a journalist for print media in Alsace. He lives and works in France and Germany, a true European citizen. He is particularly interested in transborder questions and the environment. "The city of Freiburg and its ecodistricts are fascinating by being avantgarde. Visitors often expect huge tecnical explanations and surprising innovations. I particularly like to surprise them by explaining that the sustainable city includes a lot of different aspects of daily life. Transportation e.g. or consumption modes."

Teacher and dedicated citizen of Rieselfeld. She was born in Strasbourg, France, and was active in environmental organizations. In Freiburg she is active in the Urban Gardening movement. Since 2001 she lives in Rieselfeld. There she is on the board of the association for the community center "Glass House" and organizes the "Info Café" there. Her main topics are: neighborhood structure, social concepts, community development, citizen's engagement. "I think it is very important just to sensitize the youth to ecological subjects."

is art and architecture historian. She has a phd of the "Bauhaus-Universität" Weimar, the subject is the reuse of desacralized churches. She worked at the Humboldt-University Berlin and is co-founder of the collective "CUCO" – curatorial concepts berlin which organize exhibitions with fotografy and video art. As en ex-inhabitant of the Vauban ecodistrict, she dreams of having less cars in the cities. "I have no fear of transforming our lives in order to be more climate-friendly and sustainable. I see a big potential to increase life quality. We'll be more in movement, also physically, more in contact with people, and have calmer homes."