Official partner of Green City Freiburg

What does sustainable development mean for a city?

Sustainable development is a subject touching a lot of emotions and provoking a discussions. Because it concerns our future. And nobody knows what this future will look like.

Some possible developments can be seen in Freiburg – how will a city look like, function, work, if we preserve our resources, save energy, use less cars. The eco-districts in Freiburg use less than half of the energy that an average district uses. The life quality there is high.

Renewable energies will be more and more inmportant and are produced in and around the city – on roofs, along the river, with waste (biogas) or on the mountains with windmills. We propose tours also to these spots.

Our visits and presentations are adapted to the level and knowledges of the students. We connect the subjects to their lives and own ways of living: In what kind of building do they live, how is it heated, what means of transportation do they use, are they content with it, are there problems? We are not showing perfect worlds nor promote the accomplishments of the "Green City" but show what sustainable development could mean. We check the reality by using the three decisive criteria for sustainability: Are the projects economically viable? Are they really ecological, what impacts are there to ressources and nature? And last not least: How socially inclusive are they? Can also people with an average income afford to live in an eco-district, invest in renvewable energies?

We also propose more technical visits: Energy efficient architecture, renewable energy production, mobility and traffic (see our links to "city planning", "energy" or "presentations").

If wished we can provide questionaires for some tours. We send you our detailed programms on request.