Official partner of Green City Freiburg
Place of the Old Synagogue

Climate change increases temperatures in the cities and brings droughts in summer. Heat and tropical nights with temperatures above 22°C are a challenge for the human body, and downright dangerous for elder people. Trees in the city streets, that bring valuable shade, suffer from the more and more frequent droughts. Urban planners have to react to climate change if our cities are to remain pleasant places. The planning of the refurbishment of the "ancient synagogue square" is a good example for adaptation to climate change: Instead of cutting the trees, as initially planned, in order to gain more space, even more trees have been planted, after consulting from the German meterological services. Otherwise, the renovated square would have gotten unusable for months in summer. Now climate change is thought and simulated for each new project of the urbanistic department of the city. With the right measures, the climate of a city can be improved – or get unbereable, if nothing is done.