Official partner of Green City Freiburg
Solar settlement Vauban

Modern, sustainable urbanism is a complex task and has to satisfy a lot of demands: An energy supply emitting the less possible CO2, an efficient and environment-friendly mobility, socially and culturally attractive districts, moderate prices for the satisfaction of that basic need which housing is.
Freiburg, "Germany's most sustainable big city" (2012), "Environmental capital of Germany" (2011) and "European City of the Year 2009" has met these challenges – with the result of being a growing, attractive city. Not only the visit of the two eco-districts Vauban and Rieselfeld can give interesting insights. The existing districts are also renovated and revaluated with an intense civic participation. Freiburg Future Lab accompagnies your reflexions about the subjects that are currently your concern for your work by putting you in contact with interesting projects and providing input from other professionals.